Services We Provide

Leveraging our unique combination of consulting expertise, deep technology skills, and entrepreneurial experience, we advise our clients along the entire value chain, creating unique approaches that deliver immediate impact. We develop and implement strategies for innovation, growth and sales, performance improvement and cost containment.

We provide advisory services, from initial assessments through the full implementation of new strategic capabilities. Although we like to start at the beginning and see things through to completion, we are happy to support our clients at any point on the journey.

Below are the primary services we provide, organized and aligned by our three key practice areas.

Digital Optimization Services

We help clients build optimal digital experiences  that will result in stronger customer loyalty and the opportunity to increase revenue

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Cloud Optimization Services

We provide strategic, cost-effective services that allow our clients to take full advantage of the endless opportunities that the cloud provides

Performance Optimization Services

We are adept at finding ways to reduce costs while increasing performance through process, technology & organization improvements

Omni-Channel Strategy

We can help you build a fully-integrated shopping experience by uniting user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-commerce and everything in between.

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Customer Experience

To strengthen your relationship with your digital customers, we will help you develop an optimized customer experience (CX) design that encompasses strategy, process, products, services and technology.

Data Analytics Solutioning

Your data is key to growing your business. We help you build the strategy, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation tools that allow your organization to unlock new opportunities.

Data-Driven Pricing Expertise

Pricing is a key profit and market share lever but is not well understood by most companies. We can help you build dynamic pricing capabilities that optimize your revenue and growth opportunities.


Cloud-Based Solutioning

We are highly experienced in helping you identify, configure and implement cloud-based enterprise applications that replace legacy software that is operating in your data centers.

Lift & Shift

We have the experience in migrating entire infrastructure platforms to the cloud. We can help migrate applications and data to the cloud, determine optimal configurations for performance and accurately estimate costs for the cloud.

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Collaborate in the Cloud

It may be overdue for you to move your on-site email and data servers to the cloud to take advantage of the reliability, capabilities, security, and collaborative tools that will empower your employees.

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Cloud Assessment

There is confusion and worries around moving to the cloud. Let us work with you in just analyzing the overall cost, risks, and ROI of moving some or all of your technology environment to the cloud.

Organization Assessment

We have significant skills and experience in providing an in-depth review of the talent, organization, and processes of your IT organization. We can come back quickly on both short-term & long-term actions to improve performance.

Technology Cost Control

There are a number of factors that contribute to the overall cost of Information technology, in particular legacy application support. We have the ability to uncover wasteful costs and work with you in reducing technology spend over time

Offshore Opportunities

The cost of information technology is top of mind for most organizations today. We are experts at developing and executing on blueprints for shifting a significant amount of technology labor outside of over-priced labor markets.

Agile & DevOps

Speed, quality and performance are the three hallmarks for what is required of every technology organization. We are pioneers at successfully introducing Agile and DevOps in order to attain both speed and efficiency in developing solutions.

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